Updated Creature Values

Hey there everyone!

Just wanted you all to know that I took some time and uploaded an entire new set of creature values. All creatures should have values listed, and they should be more accurate! (:

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Creature of the Month, June 2019 ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

Hey guys! It’s time for creature of the month! I’d like to start off by appologizing for takng so long!

This month’s creature of the month is Flows, owned by @piucca.

Here is the entry, submitted by @dcmaster:
I, personally, believe that Piucca’s Balrog should be the creature of the month because it’s the creature that inspired creativity for me. The small story/writing in it’s description was the first time I ever saw a writing piece inspired by a creature. It really showed me that there’s ways to find inspiration in things you would never think of writing about. Additionally, it was the first time I saw someone use a creature as a sort of mascot for their profile. Flows, when I was around was a pretty well known creature, that I associated to Piucca and that was really interesting to me!

Thank you everyone who entered and remember to submit you entries for next month!

Creature of the month June 2019 chosen by @prairie

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Creature of the Month, May 2019 ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

Hey guys! It’s time for creature of the month! I’d like to start off by appologizing for takng so long!

This month’s creature of the month is Teppei, owned by @teeth, and proudly supported by many passionate EggCave users, but especially @muppet.

Here is the entry, submitted by @qerrats:
Oh, I just found the saddest creature on Ark! ;-; Teppei. TEPPEI!!!! WHY???!!!! Now that your heart is broken, read the comments on that user’s wall. All the way to page 15. Yup (you can just skim after page 2 if you want). Now, the first comment on their is from December 14, 2010. By @muppet. And she is saying she fed 2. On January 11, 2011, @muppet again posts, saying she fed Teppei. Meaning the other egg died. On page 12, @muppet posts a thank-you to everyone who helped save Teppei. Sometime in April 2011 Teppei hatched. Sometime in August 2011 Teppei evolved. Then, her last evolution in November 2011. Yup, people weren’t giving up. But that’s not all. On December 11, 2011, Teppei became immortal. And she is still living, visited every single day by multiple people. Now, help save Teppei with me.
Ack, sorry! I copied and pasted this from what I sent my friend. 😛 But THAT is why I want Teppei to be creature of the month. Not because she is rare, not because she is super amazing. Because she is a survivor. She survived more than 8 years without her owner, alone in her cove. But people didn’t give up. Every day, at least one person (@muppet) came and fed her. She hatched. She evolved. She evolved again. Then Teppei became immortal. Help me help Teppei!

I chose this creature to be the Creature of the Month for May 2019 because the story is a great example of people banding together to help a creature grow up and become immortal over the span of 8 years. I find this story super cool, and inspirational! It’s awesome to see how many people helped in raising this creature.

Thank you everyone who entered and remember to submit you entries for next month!

Creature of the month May 2019 chosen by @prairie



I am aware that there were some issues with the pagination on the Wishlist page. This should be working now!

Also I’ve created an Easy-Viewer for trinket travels! Enjoy!

We’re Still Here

Hello EggCavity fans! I just wanted to let you all know that we are still here, and everything that may have been behind is up to date! We are only missing a little information on a few new travels and the new piñatas!!! As a little side note — I’d like to ask you all to try and help us out with the creature value guide! The point of our guide is that every user can input their opinion! Most importantly is entering values for trades you actaully did! This way we can keep the values up to date and accurate according to everyone’s opinions. Our value guide is here, and the place to submit values is linked on that page, or you can click here. You can submit 1 value per species per day. Please reach out to me if you see any issues on EggCavity or if you every have any fun new ideas! -lbowe_elbow

EggCavity Item Info

Hello everyone!

I have an important udpate to share with you: ALL ITEM INFORMATION HAS NOW BEEN COMPLETED!

This only excludes 4 items, all of which are new items that we are working on finding!

We are also working with the EggCave team to ensure that all of the data that we have collected is correct, but in the mean time if you ever see information that is incorrect please let us know!

Thank you to every user who has helped us in this journey!

Retired EggCave Items

Hello everyone! As you may know there was a mass item retirement recently. We do not have a record of which items were retired, but we do have a complete list of all retired items (including seasonal items). Here is a list so everyone knows what items they need to keep/up their shop prices! All items have been updated in our database to reflect these new changes. Most of the retired items were Bakery items.

Apple Cake Bar
Apple Swiss Roll
Assorted Gummy Gems
Assorted Jelly Beans
Asteroid Gobstoppers
Banana Cake Bar
Banana Jelly Beans
Banana Mekii Bread
Banana Mekii Lollipop
Banana Nut Muffin
Blue Biwo Cookie
Blue Gummy Gems
Blueberry Bessy Cake
Blueberry Cake Bar
Blueberry Cinnamon Bonbon
Blueberry Frosted Doughnut
Blueberry Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Rock Candy
Blueberry Snawler Slime
Bread Roll
Butterscotch Blondies
Cherry Chewing Gum
Cherry Rock Candy
Chocolate Almond Savarab
Chocolate Bessy Cake
Chocolate Cake Bar
Chocolate Chip Blondies
Chocolate Chip Muffin
Chocolate Frosted Doughnut
Chocolate Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Chocolate Glazed Eclair
Chocolate Jelly Beans
Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
Chocolate Swiss Roll
Cinnamon Bonbon
Cinnamon Chewing Gum
Cinnamon Drizzle Muffin
Cinnamon Frosted Doughnut
Cinnamon Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Cinnamon Mekii Bread
Cotton Candy Chewing Gum
Dark Chocolate Alkub Head
Dark Chocolate Fudge
Dark Chocolate Savarab
Egg Cookie Cutter
Flavorless Chewing Gum
Gingerlion Cookie Cutter
Glazed Eclair
Green Apple Rock Candy
Green Biwo Cookie
Green Gummy Gems
Green Jelly Bonbon
Honk Cookie Cutter
Independence Day Cake Slice
Indigo Gummy Gems
Jalepeno Jelly Beans
Lemon Bonbon
Lemon Cake Bar
Lemon Jelly Beans
Lemon Mekii Lollipop
Lemon Snawler Slime
Lime Jelly Beans
Lime Mekii Lollipop
Lime Snawler Slime
Liquorice Jelly Beans
Macadamia Nut Fudge
Mango Swiss Roll
Maple Glazed Eclair
Milk Chocolate Alkub Head
Milk Chocolate Fudge
Milk Chocolate Savarab
Mint Sandwich Cookie
Moldy Bonbon
Mother’s Day Cupcake
Orange Bessy Cake
Orange Chocolate Alkub Head
Orange Chocolate Savarab
Orange Gummy Gems
Peanut Butter Blondies
Peanut Butter Fudge
Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie
Peppermint Chewing Gum
Pineapple Rock Candy
Pound Cake Bar
Powdered Bread Roll
Powdered Bun
Pumpkin Chip Blondies
Pumpkin Mekii Bread
Rainbow Frosted Doughnut
Rainbow Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Raspberry Jelly Beans
Raspberry Mekii Lollipop
Red Biwo Cookie
Red Gummy Gems
Sandrodon Cookie
Sparkling Bonbon
Sparkling Chewing Gum
Spearmint Chewing Gum
Squashed Bonbon
Strawberry Bessy Cake
Strawberry Cake Bar
Strawberry Cinnamon Bonbon
Strawberry Frosted Doughnut
Strawberry Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Strawberry Muffin
Strawberry Sandwich Cookie
Unhemn Cookie Cutter
Vanilla Frosted Doughnut
Vanilla Frosted Sprinkled Doughnut
Vanilla Jelly Beans
Vanilla Sandwich Cookie
Vanilla Swiss Roll
Violet Gummy Gems
Watermelon Chewing Gum
Watermelon Jelly Beans
White Chocolate Alkub Head
White Chocolate Fudge
White Chocolate Savarab
Wintergreen Chewing Gum
Yellow Biwo Cookie
Yellow Gummy Gems

Finley’s Flavors
Banana Squirming Ice Cream
Blueberry Snowman Treat
Broken Ice Cream Cone
Candyfloss Squirming Ice Cream
Chocolate Snowman Treat
Independence Day Popsicle
Lemon Snowman Treat
Licorice Squirming Ice Cream
Massive Banana Split
Milky Squirming Ice Cream
Raspberry Snowman Treat

General Foods Shop
Caesar Salad
Caramel Cream Slice
Chicken Noodle Soup
Clam Chowder Soup
Cracked Egg
Egg Drop Soup
French Onion Soup
Fried Egg
Garden Salad
Green Love-Enchanted Apple
Green Salad
Hard Boiled Egg
Lentil Soup
Peppermint Cream Slice
Plate of Catfish
Plate of Rotten Walleye
Plate of Salmon
Plate of Tuna
Platinum Love-Enchanted Apple
Raspberry Cream Slice
Red Love-Enchanted Apple
Soft Boiled Egg
Spilled Popcorn
Split Pea Soup
Strawberry Cream Slice
Suspicious Green Flypop
Suspicious Orange Flypop
Suspicious Purple Flypop
Tomato Salad
Tomato Soup
Yellow Love-Enchanted Apple

Leila’s Library
Abrillion Egg Book
Bitten Book
Blank Book
Chocob Egg Book
Cosmic Postcard
It Came From Outer Space
Onny Egg Book
Pantheart Valentines Card
Partially Dissolved Chemistry Textbook
Scorched Book
Scroll Of Blood
Scroll Of Bronze
Scroll Of Death
Scroll Of Gold
Scroll Of Halloween Curses
Scroll Of Halloween Hexes
Scroll Of Halloween Voodoo
Scroll Of Summoning
Space Picture Book
Spineless Book
Tine Valentines Card
Yubby Egg Book

Toy Shop
Adoring Lovely Heart Toy
Apex Keychain
Apex Plushie
Blue Egg Painting Kit
Blue Pahoehoe Plushie
Bouncy Blue Eye Toy
Bouncy Brown Eye Toy
Bouncy Green Eye Toy
Bouncy Red Eye Toy
Box of Balls
Box of Boxes
Box of Circles
Box of Stars
Brios Plushie
Cathy Bobblehead
Cathy Plushie
Chocolate Chocodeer Toy
Cloud Sticker
Creepy Clown Mask
Drakomo Sticker
Edgar Plushie
Exterrock Plushie
Exterrock Shovel
Gemstone Excavation Kit
Generic Alien Plushie
Green Egg Painting Kit
Green Pahoehoe Plushie
Handheld Rocket Game
Iramae Sticker
Krah Sticker
Lovely Heart Toy
Moon Sticker
Mysterious Asteroid Plushie
Ophiledia Keychain
Ophiledia Plushie
Pareteorsite Plushie
Pareteorsite Queen Plushie
Pareteorsite Water Blaster
Pet Asteroid
Pink Egg Painting Kit
Plastic Dagger
Purple Egg Painting Kit
Red Pahoehoe Plushie
Remote Control UFO
Sentregg Keychain
Sentregg Nightlight
Sentregg Plushie
Space Rock Slingshot
Sparkling Pahoehoe Plushie
Star Sticker
Storticai Plushie
Straw Bale
Tainted Lovely Heart Toy
Tenalp Plushie
Undying Lovely Heart Toy
White Angel Ming Toy
White Bark The Herald Toy
Whoon Sticker
Yeep Sticker
Yellow Pahoehoe Plushie
Yewefoh Balloon
Yewefoh Keychain
Yewefoh Plushie

Travel Agency
2017 Clock
8th Birthday Butterfly Cupcake
8th Birthday Party
A Frozen Wave
Abandoned Dark Castle
Abandoned Windmill
Abominabilis Constellation
Airborne Love
Among The Flowers
Ancient Temple Top
Ark City Art Gallery
Ark City Greenhouse
Ark Lantern Festival
Arkian Space Station
Autumn Scented Candles
Autumnal Equinox
Beaming Jungle
Beaming Light From Behind
Bell of Golden Presents
Bird and Dragon Ivy Sculptures
Blast Into 2018
Blooming Snowflower
Bluebonnet Flowers
Bonzai Heart
Bright Yellow Sunset
Brown Stone Summer Walkway
Bunny Ears in the Fields
Bunny Field
Butterfly Net
Calidus Constellation
Candied Apple Trees
Candy Cane Button
Candy Cane Way
Carnivorae Flos Constellation
Carnivore Jungle
Carpio Constellation
Cat Condominium
Celtic Clover
Central Mountain View
Cherry Blossom Path
Cherry Sunset
Chocolate Fever
Chocolate Mountain
Chocolates and Flowers
Chocotravaganza Chocolate Box
Christmas Lit House
Christmas Morning
Christmas Tag
Christmas Tree
Christmas Wreath (2016)
Circle of Demons
Clouds With Hanging Hearts
Coldworld Lands
Colorful Autumn Creek
Colorful Carnival Stand
Colorful Easter Basket
Colorful Hill
Colubra Constellation
Cookies for Santa
Countryside Easter Basket
Cracked Mine Wall
Cranium Segestre Constellation
Creature Flight Pod
Creature Ornament
Creature Snow Globe
Creepy Grave
Creepy Hands
Cresting Wave
Crow’s Nest
Cupid Wings
Cybernetic Testing Lab
Dark Bamboo Forest
Dark Magic Falls
Digital Control Panel
Doomed House on a Hill
Double Waterfall
Draco Aurarius Constellation
Draco Fortunatus Constellation
Draco Glacialis Constellation
Drakomo Fire Ring
Ducere Constellation
Dwarf Star 1000 Spaceship
Dystopian Watch Towers
Easter Fans
Easter Nest
Easter Pottery
Eerie Glow
Egg Coins Hill
Egg Patch
Excavated Mine Wall
Exotic Stripes
Fake Desert Oasis
Farmer’s Market
Fiery Autumnal Sky
Filled With Love
Finding The Hidden Egg
Fireworks Explosion Party
First Flowers
Flaming Flower Power
Flaming Wings of Glory
Flower Love
Flower Vine on a Bare Tree
Flowered Hills
Flying Easter Eggs!
Flying Roos
Flying Squash
Forest Exit
Forget Me Knot
Fort Ark
Frozen Year
Ghost Bowling
Ghost Forest
Ghosts in the Graveyard
Ghosty Haunted Castle
Giant Cobweb
Giant Flowers
Giant Four Leaf Clovers
Giant Huggable Bunny
Giant Malevolent Fungi
Giant Web of Vines
Gingerbread House
Glowing Mushroom Fields
Golden Savannah
Golden Stepping Stones
Grand Cathedral
Green Magic
Half Underwater View
Halloween Fairground Ferris Wheel
Halloween Fun House
Halloween Welcome Porch
Hanukkah Stained Glass
Happy 2017
Happy and Sad Cupcakes
Haunted Woods
Heart Balloon
Hearted-Shaped Greenery
Heavenly Light
Hedge Maze
Hidden Eggs in the Sun
Historic Winter Tree
Holiday Wreath
Hugs And Kisses
Human Size Giant Chocolates
Hut at the North Pole
I Heart You
Ice Crystal Curtains
Ice Tree With Bows
In A Painting
Inamabilis Sciurus Constellation
Jolly Roger Flag
Jungle Clearing
Kinump Patch
Lab of the Witch
Laser Dance Party
Leaf Headdress
Leaf Ring
Libellula Constellation
Lost Hat on a Rainbow
Love Pond
Love Text Banner
Love the Earth
Love Tree at the Park
Lucky Bonsai Tree
Lucky Flowers
Lucky Hat
Luxury Beaches
Lyra Constellation
Mad Skeletal Dog
Magic Blue Flames
Magical Stained Glass
Magical Tidal Pools
Maize Maze
Mantis Constellation
Massive Geyser
Massive Insect Hive
Massive Pile of Jewels
Massive Solar Glare
Mine Treasure Room
Misty Autumn Waters
Misty Marigold Fields
Modern Cave Paintings
Moon Amulet
Multiborder Clover
Mystical Wooden Portal
Neatly Lit Candles
New Ark Eve Globe
New Years 2011
Nightmare Ghost Ship
Old Scary Mansion
Ominous Circus Tent
Osseus Constellation
Overgrown Graveyard
Paint Splat Tree
Paris Alive
Party Hat
Pattys Wings
Peg Board Game
Perfect Little Bird House
Perpetual Ring of Ignition
Perspicuus Constellation
Picture Of Autumn
Pile of Love Cards
Pink Heart Pillow
Pink Picnic
Pirate Ship Sunset
Pirate Swords
Pleumon Constellation
Pond in Early Blooming
Pooky Face
Poppy Plains
Pot of Contained Rainbow
Pot of Rainbows
Psychedelic Lucky Clover
Pulchritudinous Jungle Sunset
Pumpkin Flower Patch
Pumpkin Pie And Berries
Pumpkinhead Buddy
Pure Chocolate Joy
Purple Night Sky
Quaint Cafe
Rainbow Bunnies
Rainbow Eggs
Rainbow Gateway
Rainbow Grove
Rainbow Lava
Rainbow Moon
Rainbow Road To The Gold
Rainbow Rock Falls
Rainbow Sun Burst
Rainbow Sunset
Raining Chocolate Hearts
Rana Constellation
Red Blood Graveyard
Red Evil Eye Wings
Red Flower Garden
Red Gas Planet
Red Moon
Red Rock Mesa
Redcap House
Ring in the Bells
Rock Candy Forest
Rose Garden
Roswell Office
Royal Golden Nest
Royal Pillow
Santa’s Hat By The Fireplace
Santas Sleigh
Scenic Balcony
Secret Pot of Gold
Ship Cabin
Slime Trap
Snow Storm Night
Snowdrop Flower
Snowy Fireworks
Spaceship At Full Power
Sparkling Storm Clouds
Sparkly Fall Wings
Sphaera Volucris Constellation
Spider Toss
Spider Tree Wings
Spring Baked Goods
Spring Equinox
Spring Flowers
Springtime Wreath
Squash Party
St. Patrick’s Day Party
St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow
Star of Bethlehem
Starry Night Lights
Strawberry Hearts
Summer Cottage
Summer Solstice
Sunken Castle
Sunny Hill
Sweet Bridge
Sweet Petals
Symmetrical Iceflake
Tails Up
Tangled Clover
Tarsus Constellation
Technicolor Forest
Temple of Fire
Thanksgiving Dinner Time
The Best Part
The Big Easter Egg
The Golden Clover
The Green Light
The Hatchery
The Lovebow
The New Star
The Rainbow Star Belt
The Smallest Hideaway
The Snowtops
Toys Under The Tree
Tree Hang Out
Tree of Life
Tree of Sparkling
Treehouse With Easter Eggs
Treetop With Easter Eggs
Trick-or-Treat Basket
Twinkling Pumpkin Forest
Two Thousand and Sixteen
UFO Beaming
Unconditional Love
Under Sea Viewing Tunnel
Unicornis Constellation
Unlimited Sweets and Treats
Ursa Lumen Constellation
Valentine’s Day Picnic
Vigilia Constellation
Vine Archway
Visiting Santa
Volcano Waterfall
Vulpes Constellation
Warm Cat Bed
Watchful Flaming Eye
Water Temple
Western Rock Reefs
Winged Mannequin
Wings Of Glory
Winter 2017
Winter Solstice
Witch Stew
Witch’s Corner
You’re My Gift

Trinket Travels
Aquatic Headdress (Aquolt Stage 3)
Bubbles (Aquolt Stage 1)
Magic Glow (Aquolt Stage 4)
Orange Fins (Aquolt Stage 2)

EggCave Times

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce @moonweaver‘s EggCave Times! This is a newletting that @moonweaver writes, and I thought it would be fun to post it on EggCavity! SO here it is!

The EggCave Times


The new monthlies sure are popular, huh? Cats are very cute and cuddly, so it was no surprise that September’s cat theme would be a hit! I’m Purgatory, here with a monthly report on this month’s awesome creatures.
I personally love the cave monthlies, and many other players love them too. Auctions for Grimalkins and Glimmerkins stolen on release date tend to start at 100k EC, and many people are offering around 50k EC for each monthly as of now. According to the Archive, around 400 of each have been stolen as of yet, so it’s safe to assume that there are people that are collecting them. So yes, the cave monthlies are a quite popular this month!
Moving on the the Cash Shop Park’s monthlies! The Leoaquar is very graceful and beautiful, and the Mewjestic is very fluffy and cuddly. The Mewjestic doesn’t seem that popular with only a couple of them stolen. Many people like the Leoaquar more than the Mewjestic, and I have to admit I’m one of them. In terms of popularity, the Leoaquar beats the Mewjestic in this round.
From what I’ve gathered, people like the cave monthlies a little bit more than the CSPs this month. Either way, you have to admit that the creatures are pretty great (and maybe Leoaquar’s stages should be reversed). Enjoy your September, everyone!


The Grimalkin
I had just started an amazing game called egg cave this Friday, two days ago, and I’ve been busy playing it all weekend. I stayed up until nearly midnight on both Friday and Saturday night, chatting with new friends, and trying to get the two new creatures from the cave, the Glimmerkin and Grimalkin. To me, there’s something peculiar about the Grimalkin. I’m not quite sure if I like them. They were… creepy. That’s the word. Very creepy indeed. But nonetheless, I kept on collecting them. After playing for about 12 hours straight for two days, I’ve managed to save enough resources to get a cash shop creature, so I decided to admire my cove and go to sleep for school. I brushed my teeth as usual, and in the mirror I swear I saw a dark shape move. I turned around and saw nothing, so I finished brushing and went back to bed.
I couldn’t sleep that night. No, I wasn’t scared. I was itchy all over the place, had a runny nose that flowed like a river, and eyes that wouldn’t stop watering. I was allergic to something, that was for sure. When I finally managed to get to sleep that night, I had a dream. Well, not quite. It was just a pair of blood-red eyes staring at me, it looked familiar but I couldn’t quite tell where they were from…

The next day, I did my normal morning routine. But my allergies were still going, on and on… I went outside for the bus, but no one was inside. I cautiously stepped in, and suddenly I was chilled to the bone as a huge shadow swept over my body. At this point, my allergies were practically killing me. The thing that distracted me from my constant rubbing and itching was a screeching noise behind me, and although I was scared to turn around, I did. There was a clump of translucent purple matter—a shadow, possibly?—forming into something midair. It turned out to be an indigo colored super sized cat, with their fur standing on end. For eyes, there were two red eyes from my dream from the previous night. It was a huge Grimalkin in side the school bus, but it didn’t look much like a school bus anymore—there was only blackness around me and the creature. The cat suddenly lunged at me, jaws open, and the two swirling red pools of fury of eyes locked into mine. I felt a sudden pain on my shoulder, arm and chest as a pair of deadly teeth sank into my body…

I woke up in the hospital in a bed, my parents faces a blurry sight above me. I remembered the Grimalkin, I could swear the memory would be etched into my mind forever.
A week later, they let me out of the bed but I was heavily bandaged. My arm had nearly fallen off, the bandages were soaked in an oozing red liquid, and it hurt no matter which muscle I moved. Only after months I could start moving my arms. I suddenly remembered my egg cave account, which I quickly logged into. It was strange what I saw, but not so surprising after the incident: all my creatures were dead except my Grimalkins, which were all at 13% health. What was the most absurd was that the only recent feeder was a user by the name of Grimalkin. I clicked on it, and it showed me the user. The profile picture was of course, a Grimalkin, but the owner was a deleted account after I clicked on it, which was weird because once your account is deleted, so are the creatures in it. The status was creepy, and it read, Change your username to Grimalkin, or else… I went back to my own Grimalkin and refreshed the page, the account with the name of Grimalkin didn’t show up, but to be only replaced by the deleted user sign.
I quickly went to the cash shop and wanted to change my username due to the message. I realized that I had 0 CC, but after I clicked the username change button I suddenly had 200. I changed it as fast as I could.
The past half year this happened was probably the scariest of my life. After a few weeks, the happiness of all my creatures were at 13% still, but after I quit playing for a month they all died as normal and somehow my username was back to normal. Even though this happened, I know that those blood red eyes will always be there, staring at me through the back of my head.
Written by @wigglytuff


Riddle of the Week

I’m shy and elusive,
Though I frequently break the water’s surface,
If only to watch the evening sun.
Sweet dreams are granted to those I seek,
But don’t try to anger me in my sleep,
As I lash out with a violet-blue tail.

PM @moonweaver with the answer to the riddle. First one to do so (and have it correct of course!) will receive a prize.


Our crossword puzzle can be found here. Once again, PM me with the answers and first one to do so and have it correct will receive a prize.
Our puzzles were created be @degong

Meet The Staff

We have interviewed the members of our staff:

Username: @purgatory
Day joined: July 4th, 2016
Job: Writer/Journalist
Favorite creature of all time: Pebbloves!
Favorite creature of all time (owned): P e b b l o v e s!
First ever creature: I think it was a Coona. I dunno its name since I lost it a long, long time ago.

Username: @wigglytuff
Day Joined: 4/6/17 I think
Birthday: A mysterious time in February
Job: Writer I guess xD
Favorite Creature of All Time: Poplin
Favorite Creature of All Time: (Owned) Hmm, not sure, but I love my frozen Tinoud, Pixiee and Leoqeuar
First Ever Creature: I can’t remember if my starting creature was a honk or pyraguin lol

Username: @degong
Day joined: 28 December 2015
Job: Puzzle Guardian
Favorite creature of all time: Shaibun
Favorite creature of all time (owned): Unipeg
First ever creature: Rosse

Username: @moonweaver
Day joined: July 5th 2017
Job: Publisher
Favorite creature of all time: Trisk!
Favorite creature of all time (Owned):V. hard. Probably either Eartha, Corunis, Glimmerkin, or Motjaa. ^^
First ever creature: I really don’t know. I think I auctioned it off. I think it was something like a Cayni.


This week we decided to do a mod interview! We have chosen @Orderedchaos for the interview.

Username: @Orderedchaos
Date joined: Dec. 31 2009
Date of becoming a mod: June 29, 2012
Why did you decide you wanted to become a Mod?: I had already been apart of the site for over 2 years and loved it. I had previously joined the team running the fansite Eggcavern and wanted to be a part of and help out the site that I spent so much time on. So when mod applications opened up I applied right away. First ever creature: Dynaheir the Punbundu
Favorite creature of all time: That’s a tough one, I have so many favorites I don’t think I could pick just one. Easily any of the dragon creatures could be a top favorite at any time, especially all the CRW dragons, as I designed 6 out of the 7.
Favorite creature of all time (owned): Another hard question, I love so many of my creatures. If I had to choose I’d probably pick Sune.
Favorite part of being a mod: Being able to write creature descriptions and working on/testing things before they get made public. Testing the asteroid plot before it went live was so much fun.
Least favorite part: As a mod you get a certain amount of abuse thrown at you from players, both direct and indirect. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often.
Other: ??? no idea what to put here


None right now. Submit your ad to @moonweaver


Hey guys! I recently wrote a little story line in my cove, starting with Glimmeretta. Feel free to read it! Feed back is greatly appreciated.

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Creature of the Month, September 2018 ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

This month’s creature of the month is Mecko, owned by @praire!

Here is her entry:
“When the Mecko came out in August 2015, I instantly fell in love. As a kid, I’ve always loved geckos and lizards, and was constantly looking for them in my backyard. The Mecko’s design was something I loved, a bright orange/yellow body, with 3 heads, each having a different eye color. Better yet, they reminded me of leopard geckos, a reptile that has been one of my favorites since I had learned about them.
I remember one day, I was wondering if anyone actually names their creatures after their assigned species name. So to the search box I went! When I typed up ‘Mecko’ I saw that it was assigned to a completely different creature in someone’s storage account. I contacted the user to see if they might be willing to trade the name, and we settled on a deal. Thus, my first species name was achieved; and it led to my obsession with trying to collect species names!
Since I’ve gotten the name Mecko in 2015, I’ve achieved over 100 more names! It gives me something new to do on Eggcave, and it makes me look forwards to not only seeing each month’s new art, but also the names they hold.”

I have chosen her to be the creature of the month because, it’s just so interesting to hear about inspirational things.

Thank you everyone who entered and remember to submit you entries for next month!

New Creatures and Travels Added!

Hello Y’all!

Now that cat month finally here, we have added the new creatures and travels to EggCavity! Click here to view these new creatures with these new travels!!

Here are the new creatures! Which one is your favorite?





And here are the new Cash Shop travels! Which one is your favorite?