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Creature of the Month

Saturday, December 31st, 2016
Congrats to @silverpoppy for having the new creature of the month. Here is what their submission says:
“Turnip is a lovely Kinump over level 30,000! She is clearly very loved. She is frozen in her 1st
evolution. She has been there since 2011. Overall, a creature who has a lot of time put into it and is
very loved!”

I chose this creature because of the love given to the creature, and because of its adorable name!!

Remember if you want your creature to be considered you MUST create a new submission every month.

Travel Suggestions

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016
We are now working on the travel suggestions for creatures. We have one creature completed so far!
Please click here to see the Abet’s travel suggestions.

Luckily we have many people who are willing to help us achieve a completed creature index with travel
suggestions for every creature. Without their help this process would take upwards of years.

So, please welcome the following people into the temporary EggCavity staff:

Travel Agents – @fakeworld, @motivecat, @lykhaos117, @izziebee1017
Pastel Pop – @prairie, @spectaclenest, @fainne_24, @lzumi
Team 3 – @dappne6, @playdate, @bunnyshadow

Anyone is welcome to join onto a team, or even create a new team! The more the merrier.
Hopefully at the end there will be rewards for those who helped us complete the suggestions.

Sorry for the Delays

Friday, September 2nd, 2016
Hello friends!

I would like to apologize for the delay in updates on the site!
We have been a bit busy!

Hopefully soon we will have our mascot!
Karenna19 has been redoing the art, so hopefully she'll have it how she likes it soon!

All new trinket travels, travels, and creatures have been added! Thank you to everyone for your support.

I have also edited the creature of the month! This month's winner is @Jazzyleia's Ballet!

Jazzyleia has helped EggCavity bunches with getting missing information for our site,
and wanted to show somewhere on our site that EggCave supports and LOVES EggCavity!
Everyone go congratulate her and thank her for all her hard work on EggCave and for EggCavity!

Please feel free to submit or RESUBMIT your creatures for creature of the month for October!

Creature of the Month

Monday, August 1st, 2016
Hello guys!

I am here to announce our first update of the creature of the month! Woohoo!

We have chosen PrairieDog!

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful submissions. If you want to resubmit a creature for next month
please feel free to do so, but we will not be looking back on old submissions. And submissions are due
before midnight (EggCave time) on August 31st!

We have also added the four new monthlies to the system!

Have a wonderful day and check back soon for our new mascot!

Trinket Travel Index

Monday, July 11th, 2016
Today we have added a Trinket Travel Index!

What’s your favorite Trinket Travel?
Don’t forget about the Mascot Contest!
And let us know if we have any incorrect or missing information at our Contact Us Form.
Thank you to all our supporters and have a great day.


Saturday, July 9th, 2016
Hello guys and gals and therebetween!
Welcome back to EggCavity. Today we come with TONS of exciting news!

1. First of all if you check the sidebar you will see a BRAND NEW contact us link! This sends you to a form to fill out! Use this for anything, but most importantly, use it to submit issues that you find with the site, or to tell us if you see missing or incorrect information!

2. Next is… drum roll please…



Unfortunately some of the new travels are missing information like their price, rarity, and description (which isn’t currently being shown on the page). If you guys could help us find this information we would be so, so grateful! Use our brand new contact us form to let us know if you find any of this info!

Thank you especially to the following users for their help in
collecting the missing images for the travel index:


3. We have yet another thing! CRAZY! EggCavity finally has an EggCave account! WOW! Please visit @EggCavity to see out brand new page! Hopefully with this account we will accept donations and be able to do more EC giveaways, along with items and maybe even creatures!

4. Last (we promise) is our mascot challenge! EggCavity NEEDS a mascot! But we don’t want just any old creature, we are hoping that with your guys’ help and creativity that our site can create something unique! Please submit ideas, names, and most importantly your own art for a mascot! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to create a mascot: You can take a pre-existing creature and add accessories. Change an existing creature a little bit (or a lot!). Create an EggCavity exclusive creature. Create an EggCavity exclusive travel! Anything that you guys can think of will be happily accepted! In the end we will choose our favorite submission (deadline TBA) and it will become our new site mascot! Warning: when you submit your ideas to us you are giving us permission to use this creature as our site mascot. This will also give us the freedom to make changes so that your submission fits our site’s ideas and design as we see fit. Please submit your ideas here or see the link in the sidebar! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT AS MANY IDEAS AS YOU WANT!

With your help we can make EggCavity so much better. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. We really appreciate it!

<3 The EggCavity Team

P.s. Don’t forget about our brand new Creature of the Month submission form! See the side bar or scroll down for more!

New Mod!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
Hello all! My name is Lucy! On EggCave you may know me as lbowe_elbow. I am here to help moderate, improve, update, yadda yadda, the site! I approached Karenna because I know a bit about coding and hopefully together we can finish all of the additional plans she had for the site. If you guys ever see incorrect or outdated information on EggCavity please mail me on EggCave and let me know! If you have any ideas for EggCavity I would also be more than happy to see what I can do! In the mean time we are planning on creating (drum roll please…) a travel guide! Woo! That’s just the first step to implementing all the things we want to include on this site. If you have any travels that you think look super good on a creature, please let me know! I am also planning on doing travel suggestions! I am always happy to hear from people! Thanks for supporting EggCave and EggCavity! <3 Lucy / lbowe_elbow =^.^=

Happy 5 Years Eggcave!

Sunday, July 20th, 2014
HAPPY 5 YEARS – Eggcave has passed 80,000 registered players and are about to pass
3 billion views. Well done, Egg Cavers!

LOTS OF NEW ITEMS – Bags of coffee beans at the Bean Sack, Drakomo Sugar Cookies at the
Bakery, Blobbart Squirt Toys can now be found at the Toy Shop   &   Books at Leila Library.

NEW LEILA – Eggcave has completely revamped the City of Leila
  and have expanded it with tons of new features!

LEILA OASIS & WALL OF SANDRODONSLeila Oasis   is considered to be the most magical place
on Ark… watch it carefully over the next couple of weeks and see what you might find.

Wall of Sandrodons   is a new, daily guessing game in Leila. Many exclusive prizes
can only be won from playing this game!

Back from the Break

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
HAPPY JULY – Hello Eggcavers! I’m back from my mini-hiatus, sorry ’bout that. The Creature viewer has been updated with all new creatures / travels and is ready for use!

If anyone finds any issues with the viewer, feel free to write on my wall, or send me a message. tube

Happy playing!

~ karenna19

p.s. To any new members, please use your Eggcave username for your username here. Thank you! xo

2014 Easter Egg Hunt Con.

Sunday, April 20th, 2014
2014 EASTER EGG HUNT – Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is now live!
Head over to the Easter Egg Hunt HQ to begin collecting. This year’s eggs are more random and are cleverly hidden! The same egg can appear in multiple locations and the locations are different for everybody! PRIZES – This year’s Easter Egg Hunt prize is revealed! Collect all 20 eggs in the hunt and receive a Weggy, a magical Easter-themed creature, plus an unobtainable, unreleased Travel. weggy_1 + UNOBTAINABLE TRAVEL Happy hunting! Get collecting now!