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Availability: Retired

Estimated Value: 1,840CC

About Abet Eggs
This creature was available as a prize for participating in The Case of the Missing Kinump Seeds plot for the Halloween Bash of 2012. Abet eggs prematurely removed from the deserts of Leila are very difficult to hatch. A substantially dry climate is required for proper incubation, as excessive humidity will maim the developing creature within and may very well lead to its death. Unless the proper equipment is available, the Science and Research Center strongly recommends not removing Abet eggs from their desert environment until they hatch. The wrappings that accompany these eggs are to be used as cushioning against the abrasive sand.

More about the Abet
The skeletal helmets worn by Abet are in fact actual skulls that have been found throughout the Northern Plains. An expecting mother Abet will spend weeks in search for the perfect skull to place upon her child when it hatches. The particular reason for this behavior is largely unknown, but one theory suggests that the mask, along with the wrappings, provides a sense of comfort and acts as a defense mechanism. As Abet grow in size, the once snug skull and wrappings will no longer be able to stay on their bodies, eventually being discarded on the warm desert sand.

Description written by: orderedchaos, meteoroid

Suggested by: @shagu-chan

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