Weekly Update

Hello everyone again!

There have been a few additions to EggCavity that occurred last week!


• New items & item info have been added! However, info is still needed.

Yamamagan Plushies:

Yamamagan Plushies have been added!

• Two new creatures have been added to our index & creature viewer!


The newest addition to Mysterious Asteroid! It was released on July 16, 2018.
Check out this Blog Post for more info!


Cerberus is an exclusive creature introduced on July 20, 2018 for EggCave’s 9th birthday!
Check out this Blog Post for more info!

• A new mod might be coming to EggCavity’s Item Crew! More info coming soon!

• Dcmaster’s working on a new contest that will be revealed soon! Stay tuned!

Thank you for using EggCavity!
We’ll see you next week with more updates! Have a nice day!  

Weekly Update

Hello everyone!

EggCavity will now have weekly updates.
Each update will summarize the changes and additions that have occurred.

Last weeks updates:

• New items added to index. Info still being collected.

Item Wishlist & Value Wishlist Added

Value Guide Added

• New contest: Creature Pageant

• “Threebot” added to Creature Viewer & Index




Hello all!

I have made a few updates to the site.

The first I would like to menion is that I added notes to the travel wishlist. On the travel wishlist edit page now you can easily add/edit a note to a travel. Maybe you can use this to help keep track of what creature you want to use this travel on, the priority of the wishlist, etc.

Next I would like everyone to know that I have made a view visual adjustments, and removed all random ‘\’s that appeard within names and descriptions.

Thanks! -Lucy

Travel Wishlist

Good new guys!

We not have a travel wishlist! Create yours today!

Click here to begin!

Creature Value Guide

Great news guys! EggCavity now has a creature value guide!

Please visit this link to view creature values.

You can also visit this link to submit a creature value to the site!

Please help us keep this up to date so we can make it awesome!

Items and Creatures

Hello guys! We have all the items and creatures uplaoded to the site. All creatures have all stages (even hidden stages — and we have un-released creatures like the CDWC creature). All items are a little different. We are still looking for all the information we need to get it on the site. Thanks for all your support

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Creature of the Month, July 2018 ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

The creature of the month is… Muffin the Encalop! Owned by @solar!

Their submission was: “Muffin the Encalop was one of the very first ‘rare’ creatures I ever got. I had traded a very kind user who wanted to help a newbie get some of their highest wishlist pets. This happened when I first joined in 2013.The same year only 2 months after I got her, I ended up trading her to another user (to whom I have traded many to!) I eventually got a last stage Encalop, and saw that one day, the user to whom I traded was seeking a last stage! I gladly took this opportunity to be reunited with my first Encalop. I got her back 10/26/2016, and she will forever stay in my cove.”

  Thank you to everyone who submitted a creature! Feel free to send a submission! If yours didn’t make it, no problem, just send another in! Remember, these submissions aren’t kept from month to month, they get deleted!

– Totallynotjoey, a new Eggcavity moderator 🙂

EggCavity Update Progress

Hello fans!

We are offilically up to date on ALL CREATURES in ALL STAGES! Including hidden stages!!!!!

We also have all travels uploaded to the site!

This means the creature viewer is 100% up to date!

Thank you so much to my hard-working mods!

EggCavity Back in Action!

Hello! This is @lbowe_elbow here. I am getting on to appologize to everyone for letting this site fall behind. Thanks to the mods, some sections on the site have stayed up-to-date! I am greatful for their help. However as we’re getting on board I am looking for more people to join the team — particularly people who are passionate about items! Thank you all for sticking around and we will keep you posted!

Creature of the Month, May 2017

The creature of the month for May 2017 is… Caliea the Pandai! Owned by @o_o!

Their submission was: “I’ve been trying to obtain a Pandai pretty much since I found out they existed. I’ve agreed to trade for a Pandai a few times before, but all the times before something has happened and the trade has fell through. I just finally was able to trade for one though and am super excited to have one now!”

Thank you very much to all those who submitted creatures! If you’d like your creature of choice to be Eggcavity’s Creature of the Month, feel free to send in a submission! If you did send in a submission for this month and didn’t get picked, send in a new one! Creature of the Month submissions aren’t kept from month to month, they all get deleted!

– Carter