Creature Index is Here!!!

Hello EggCavity supporters!

Please go take a good look at our brand new Creature Index!!!

It includes the concept art for many of the suggested creatures, and the original art for creatures whose art has been changed!

When visiting pages of creatures who have trinket travels, you can see each stage with their trinket travels!

Soon to come is travel suggestions for each creature! There will be about 4 or 5 travels for each creature which our team thinks look great with those creatures.

Spread the word!

New Feature in Travel Index!

Good news guys,

Now if you want to see more information about a travel in the index, you can click on that travel and see more about it on that page! We will be collecting information on all the travels to maybe add more information to those pages!

Let us know what you want to see! Hopefully I will be adding this feature to the Trinket Travel Index soon! (within the next few days).

Next up is most likely an Items Index, and a Creature index!

Sorry for the Delays

Hello friends!

I would like to apologize for the delay in updates on the site!
We have been a bit busy!

Hopefully soon we will have our mascot!
Karenna19 has been redoing the art, so hopefully she'll have it how she likes it soon!

All new trinket travels, travels, and creatures have been added! Thank you to everyone for your support.

I have also edited the creature of the month! This month's winner is @Jazzyleia's Ballet!

Jazzyleia has helped EggCavity bunches with getting missing information for our site,
and wanted to show somewhere on our site that EggCave supports and LOVES EggCavity!
Everyone go congratulate her and thank her for all her hard work on EggCave and for EggCavity!

Please feel free to submit or RESUBMIT your creatures for creature of the month for October!

Creature of the Month

Hello guys!

I am here to announce our first update of the creature of the month! Woohoo!

We have chosen PrairieDog!

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful submissions. If you want to resubmit a creature for next month
please feel free to do so, but we will not be looking back on old submissions. And submissions are due
before midnight (EggCave time) on August 31st!

We have also added the four new monthlies to the system!

Have a wonderful day and check back soon for our new mascot!

Wishlist Feature!

Welcome back to EggCavity!

Ainur, Lucy’s favorite creature, is happy to announce to you that today we release our newest feature: wishlists! To access your wishlist click here, OR go to your profile page (link in the sidebar once you’re logged in).

Please let us know about features you would like to see! It’s still a work in progress!

Features of the wishlist we are still working on:
1. Being able to click the image of the creature on the add page to be able to check the checkbox(Done!)
2. Viewing your notes on the edit wishlist page (Done!)
3. Being able to add multiples of the same type of creature at once
4. And last but not least, reordering your wishlist!

To share your wishlist on your EggCave profile, use the link:

You can find this link at any time on your profile page (see side bar).

To see an example click here to see Lucy’s wishlist!

Please consider making EC, CC, Creature, Item, etc. donation to the @EggCavity EggCave account! We are trying our hardest to provide prizes for our contests and your donations would give us the change to do more giveaways and make our prizes better!

Thank you all for stopping by! The release of our mascot will happen sometime next week! Please come back soon to check it out!

Updated Creature Viewer

Alrighty guys,
This won’t mean much to you but we have made it much easier to keep our site up to date.
When we update it in one place it will update the whole site!

But what DOES matter is that now we are missing a few of the images for stages of
creatures for our viewer. If you checkout the viewer you’ll see this list:

These are the creature images we need (With stage 1 being egg stage):

Akrep: 2, 3, 4
Artemiane, 3
Cactower: 2,3,4
Camlette: 3,4
Dragfer: 2,3,4
Foxfly: 2,3,4
Gamaeso: 2,3,4
Goggy: 3,4
Jerob: 2,3,4
Kakakuona: 2,3,4
Kambing: 2,3
Leep: 3,4
Reida: 2
Sankose: 2,4

Help us out please! The list on that page will stay up to date!

Trinket Travel Index

Today we have added a Trinket Travel Index!

What’s your favorite Trinket Travel?
Don’t forget about the Mascot Contest!
And let us know if we have any incorrect or missing information at our Contact Us Form.
Thank you to all our supporters and have a great day.


Hello guys and gals and therebetween!
Welcome back to EggCavity. Today we come with TONS of exciting news!

1. First of all if you check the sidebar you will see a BRAND NEW contact us link! This sends you to a form to fill out! Use this for anything, but most importantly, use it to submit issues that you find with the site, or to tell us if you see missing or incorrect information!

2. Next is… drum roll please…



Unfortunately some of the new travels are missing information like their price, rarity, and description (which isn’t currently being shown on the page). If you guys could help us find this information we would be so, so grateful! Use our brand new contact us form to let us know if you find any of this info!

Thank you especially to the following users for their help in
collecting the missing images for the travel index:


3. We have yet another thing! CRAZY! EggCavity finally has an EggCave account! WOW! Please visit @EggCavity to see out brand new page! Hopefully with this account we will accept donations and be able to do more EC giveaways, along with items and maybe even creatures!

4. Last (we promise) is our mascot challenge! EggCavity NEEDS a mascot! But we don’t want just any old creature, we are hoping that with your guys’ help and creativity that our site can create something unique! Please submit ideas, names, and most importantly your own art for a mascot! Here are a few ideas of things you could do to create a mascot: You can take a pre-existing creature and add accessories. Change an existing creature a little bit (or a lot!). Create an EggCavity exclusive creature. Create an EggCavity exclusive travel! Anything that you guys can think of will be happily accepted! In the end we will choose our favorite submission (deadline TBA) and it will become our new site mascot! Warning: when you submit your ideas to us you are giving us permission to use this creature as our site mascot. This will also give us the freedom to make changes so that your submission fits our site’s ideas and design as we see fit. Please submit your ideas here or see the link in the sidebar! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT AS MANY IDEAS AS YOU WANT!

With your help we can make EggCavity so much better. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed. We really appreciate it!

<3 The EggCavity Team

P.s. Don’t forget about our brand new Creature of the Month submission form! See the side bar or scroll down for more!

Help out EggCavity! (DONE!)

Hello everyone! Eggcavity is in need of your help!

Check out this forum post to learn more! THERE ARE EC PRIZES TO BE WON!!!!

Creature of the Month

NEW FEATURE ADDED Guess what guys! You asked for a way to submit requests for creature of the month and you got it! Check the side bar under Creature of the Month to find the form! You can submit your own creature or someone else’s! This is one of many soon-to-come features! I will soon be creating a requests/wrong info on the site so that you can easily contact us about issues or suggestions or anything about EggCavity! We also have something BIG coming guys! Hopefully it will be done in about a week or two. Have a great day! <3 lbowe_elbow =^.^=